Our secret is out

advanced science for antiaging using stem cell technology

AnteAGE MD is the next generation of growth factor skincare and aesthetic treatments. It is exclusively physician dispensed, created by scientists and now available at THE SPA.

In the early 21st century scientists discovered that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells directs natural skin repair. Decoding the anti-inflammatory biosignal language of these stem cells then culturing them in their lab to create powerful and targeted anti-aging skin treatments allows AnteAGE MD to deliver the exact natural biosignals needed for healing and rejuvenation.

After many years of laboratory and clinical research into the healing power of bone marrow stem cells this research was applied to aesthetics and dermatology to develop these products now being used by many top doctors and aesthetic practices worldwide- because they work.

We use their professional products for our enzyme facials and microneedling treatments. For maximum results combine our in spa treatments with their skincare line and home microneedling kits for home use. This treatment regimen compliments each other and offers consistent, maximum results for skin healing, skin brightening, and general anti-aging skin rejuvenation.