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Intravenous fluids providing essential electrolytes for adequate hydration to leave you feeling good.



An infusion of vitamin C, zinc, and other necessary electrolytes designed to support the body's natural immune system. Also has vitamin B complex important to our immune system and nervous system.



This infusion includes biotin, vitamin b complex, vitamin C, and a boost of glutathione to detoxify and aid in anti aging. You will leave with your skin glowing that day and can expect a significant improvement in hair and nails after 1-2 treatments.



Had fun this weekend or maybe last night? This infusion not only helps replenish lost fluids but will restore vitamin B and C lost to a good time after a night of indulgence. This option also works for upset stomach, nausea, or body aches if you suffer from chronic migraines, sinus issues, or are recovering from an illness. 



Do you need your mojo back? Athletes, weekend warriors, moms, and dads! This infusion is designed to help you face the challenge ahead and give you the upper hand on the day. Vitamin C and B complex, folic acid, methylcobalamin B12, glutathione, and a NAD injection to help the body and you go the extra distance.



Feeling fluffy? Tired? Both? The slim infusion is designed to give your metabolism a boost with a combination of intravenous vitamin C and b complex, zinc, alpha lipoic acid, and glutathione. Then an injection in the muscle of Lipo C and B12, methylcobalamin combo. Recommend every week for 4-6 weeks then every 1-2 months maintenance.



Includes 6 weeks of weekly SLIM treatments. $200 discount for nonmembers and $400 discount for members


Wellness Injections

NAD 100 mg

Over time we lose this essential enzyme contributing to fatigue. NAD improves energy, mental clarity, and focus. Leave feeling energized that day which can last 1-2 weeks. We recommend replenishing lost levels with NAD 100 mg three times a week x 4 weeks then maintain levels with 100 mg every 2 weeks or 250 mg every 4 weeks as maintenance. 


Vitamin D3 

Helps with bone health and fatigue. Requires lab work with patient submitting a vitamin D level done in the last 2 weeks and repeating this every 2 months. Depending on level may need weekly or monthly.


Skinny Shots- 

Essential amino acids that aid in weight loss and fat burning. Paired with diet and exercise clients lose 1-2 pounds more a week. Can be given weekly.


 or 6 for $140